Marta Jarzyna

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Former Postdoctoral Associate

Former Postdoctoral Researcher, YCEI Fellow


My research interests lie in the field of macroecology, biogeography, global change ecology, and biodiversity conservation. I believe that our ability to predict and manage consequences of global environmental threats and to design sound strategies for the future biodiversity conservation depend on an in-depth knowledge of the processes governing biological diversity. The overarching goal of my research is to contribute to this knowledge by investigating mechanisms controlling the structure and dynamics of ecological communities across multiple spatial and temporal scales. As a postdoctoral associate at Yale, I am investigating implications of climate change to functional and phylogenetic diversity of vertebrate assemblages. Specifically, I am interested in the cross-scale patterns of functional and phylogenetic diversity and finding spatial scales at which impacts of climate change are the most relevant.

Area of Interest

Global change ecology,functional and trait biogeography, macroecology, scaling patterns of biodiversity, spatial ecology

Area of Interest: 
Assistant Professor, Ohio State University