Katherine Mertes

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Former Graduate Student (Ph.D.)

Former Graduate Student (Ph.D.)

Address: 165 Prospect Street New Haven, CT 06520-8106, USA
Phone: (203) 432-1597
Email: katherine.mertes@yale.edu

I am interested in measuring the spatial grains at which terrestrial vertebrate species respond to environmental conditions, and using this information to construct more scale-conscious, realistic - and hopefully more accurate - models of species distribution. My dissertation research combines classical field ecology, GPS telemetry, direct observations of animal movement and behavior, remote sensing, and GIS.

I am also generally interested in the ecological processes that generate species range edges, species responses to habitat fragmentation and climate change, functional landscape connectivity, and the continual development of tools and methods to evaluate and improve protected area effectiveness


Area of Interest

spatial scale, species distribution patterns, remote sensing    


MS in Biological Sciences, Stanford University, 2008

BA in Biological Sciences, Middlebury College, 2004

Area of Interest: 
Postdoctoral Staff Associate, Smithsonian Institution