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Former Research Scientist

Postdoctoral Associate

My research addresses the key challenges in developing theoretical and empirical understanding of global marine ecosystem’s biological and environmental characteristics, functions and services in a context of global climate change and other human stressors. The ultimate goal is to provide optimal information for effective ecosystem-based management under increasing anthropogenic pressures. Specifically, my research activities have focused on (1) identifying and tracking the spatial distribution of marine organisms, communities and ecosystems at a global and regional scales using several statistical tools; (2) analyzing how climate change, ocean acidification and other natural and human induced perturbations impact all oceanic compartment using synthetic indices; (3) exploring how the modification in ocean services will impact human society and (4) communicating research findings to the society to help develop shared-views of our future oceans and their management. Outcomes from my long-term research interests are designed to better understand biological systems using macroecological tools to improve effectiveness in meeting a portfolio of ecological and socio-economic goals for managing marine ecosystems and conserving biodiversity.

Area of Interest: 
Global Biodiversity, Global Marine Ecosystems, Marine Biogeography, Climate Change