Postdoc Position: Macroevolution of Terrestrial Vertebrates

A postdoc position is available in the new NSF Genealogy of Life project “VertLife Terrestrial: A complete, global assembly of phylogenetic, trait, spatial and environment characteristics for a model clade”. Application deadline: Nov 30th, 2014. For further details see here.


Graduate students

If you are a graduate student interested in joining our group in fall 2015, please email Walter Jetz at walter.jetz@yale.edu sometime in fall 2014.



The lab also hires a handful of undergraduates each year to work on projects related to the Map of Life. If you are a Yale undergrad interested in the Map of Life project, or if you have any interest in developing some of the apps we use in our lab, email Ben Carlson at ben.s.carlson@yale.edu to learn more about the program.